Hey. Im looking for somewhere within 30 mins of Memorial City Mall. I'm 22 but told I behave much more mature. I am a pansexual Jew. I only eat vegetables, dairy and seafood. I don't have much money at the moment but I have a job that pays $9/hr and I work 12 hours a day and get paid weekly. I can pay the $350 rent next week but can empty my account as a down payment ($250) and pay the remaining balance this Thursday. I'm currently stay in an extended stay hotel with a gay guy who I was supposed to get an apartment with but he decided to move in with another gay man because he doesn't like the fact that I date trans and women and is jealous because I don't have feelings for him. I am friendly, easy-going, mature, extremely clean and hygienic with high moral integrity. No criminal record, broken leases, drug use or other baggage. I don't have many items. Just clothes and toiletries. I don't have a car and need access to public transportation. I need a place to stay at least temporarily by December 14th.

Kik: rudeboy_christophe

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12.12.2017 (1879 days ago)
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