Eric Benet's song just about says it all for me. . ... I recognize my own vulnerability and need for some old fashioned TLC.

Love once left me cold and gray
I had almost reached heaven
Just to feel it slip away
But life's too short to waste away
Being scared to take chances
Or so I've heard wise men say

I wanna be loved
Faithful and true
I wanna be loved
Ten million lifetimes with you
I wanna be loved
And after all I've been through
I'll let my heart take its chances, just to be loved by you

It may sound wimpy and "punkish" to some women, so be it; I may consider myself a stud but I am still every bit of a woman. By stating my need for TLC, I'm not talking about jumping in the sack with a woman who can soothe and nurture my temporary situation . . ..that's a matter of simple biology. . ..I'm trying to get with and explore the complex chemistry that it takes to build something lasting.

If you're as mean as a snake with PMS and you have a black belt in passive aggressive communication, copping an attitude over the trivial -- then this ad is probably not for you. I'm pretty mellow and laid back so please read and believe that ( I do post this disclaimer I can be temperamental and moody at times but you will know how to snap me out of it if we develop a true connection) . . . I don't do drama, name calling or yelling. Don't get it twisted kindness and mutual respects are not qualities of weakness; I can hold my own in a heated passionate conversation and I can agree to disagree knowing that there is a bigger picture. I also don't do BFF's that think they can have running commentary.

If you haven't read something relating to social justice or of historical value in the past year or if you can only quote TMZ, Mediatakeout, People or the "all knowing they " as in "they say" -- then this ad is probably not for you. There's a lot going on in the world and although I can read the "rags" I can't be found caught up in the cult of personality.

If you're juggling more people than a Ringling Clown --then this ad is probably not for you. 
If you are not the least bit spiritual or liberal leaning, then this ad is definitely NOT for you. Caring, compassion and empathy are super attractive qualities for a woman to possess. . ..I'm just sayin'!

Now that we know all the things that won't hold my interest let me share with you what might make you a little curious. . .Me, I will describe myself as a positively average soft stud. . .. an incurable romantic with a quick smile, quick wit, and who loves to laugh. I'm looking for a FEM WOMAN OF COLOR (love petite women). . .your pic gets mine.

Please no men, couples, bi or BBW. Please be d/d free, no 420, no smoking.

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