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#GeeAyewhY Group - @dmin meeting 09 June 2017 7pm est

Welcome to The gee aye why paltalk group @dmin meeting.

  1. Less people coming on pal, example massive decline in adults playground category,

    1. Marketing

    2. source sink principle

    3. Think smart

      1. GAY BISEXUAL - Bi Married Gay Curious Men Looking for Men
  2. GAY BISEXUAL - Source room

    1. constant entertainment -
      1. Nooz - Queeridol radio
      2. Live new talent, 1 hr concert
      3. switching hifi audio and 3 mic
  3.  Increase activities to make it a room and program worth coming back for.

    1. Events crew
    2. type of events?
    3. who to do it.
  4. Super admin qualities

    1. Balanced - able to see the benefit to the room in terms of growth.
    2. Committed - focused soley on the room the super @dmin in, why?
      1. Eliminate conflicts of interest 
      2. more able to create new concepts
      3. more able to identify issues and correct them
      4. demonstrate leadership
      5. be an example
  5. Items without notice


 Recording of Admin Meeting: 

Admin Support Page


Radio commercial for



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  •  admin: 

    RESULTS AS of 16th June 

    Most nominated admin Jeeves

    Admin with moist points Alan  very closely followed by Austin only 1 point in it.

    1 point
  •  Anonymous: 

    all can be @

    -1 point
  •  Anonymous: 

    I vote for Jeeves.

    He's been an admin as long...if not longer than me 10+yrs and he's been loyal to the room as I have and he's nice and welcoming to people. And he's fair and not biased. And he's someone I respect and he's a team player. And I think will do a great job. He deserves it.


    1 point
  •  Anonymous: 

    Jeeves for S @ 


    0 points
  •  admin: 

    Nominating Jeeves for Superadmin. for the same reasons. He consistently are respectful and polite to ALL members and show a real concern for the room and its members.



    1 point
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09.06.2017 (2183 days ago)
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