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#GeeAyewhY wheel of subscription


Next wheel 14/July/2018

How to play >.<

be an unsubscribed member (black name) of paltalk

be on cam in Bi Married Gay Curious Men looking for Men

when the room host announces the gee aye why wheel of subscription and says "Type Now", be the first to put this phrase into the room "Spin for me please GeeAyewhY" and YOUR  " nickname". There is a countdown of 5 seconds for people to type, else that spin is cancelled.

the first to appear on presenters screen will be deemed winner, to spin the wheel


1 x Blue 12 months

1 x Green 6 months

1 x Blue 3 months

1 x Blue 3 months

3 x Green 1 month

3 x Blue 1 months

1 x Not A Winner = you are knocked out of this promotion on this day, do join our next promotion.

1 x Spin Again = You pick a prize from the above list, if it lands on the prize selected, You win Blue 6 mths.  Note:You do not win the wedge value.

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