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Admin Meeting Agenda


  1. Firstly you are part of the largest gay group of chat rooms... we are successful at providing quality chat entertainment.

  2. Admin bring status - being an Admin in these rooms brings about a level of status, it is not like being in a shitty little room that has a clique, these are large and multi member rooms, of multi nationality.

  3. Clique - our rooms do not and never will embrace clique, first names other than what is a nick name is lame and demonstrates a lack of respect for all other members.

  4. Alcohol and admins - admins MUST not use alcohol as an excuse for bad behaviour.. if you are drunk DO NOT admin else I will bounce and remove your hat for 24 hrs

  5. Dj software - Bi Married DJ's admins have had software made available to them voice meeter, this allows them to have stereo mix for those without it on their pcs, and to allow voice over music

  6. Dj Drops this is important that we sound and act professionally, one way to do this is to have professional tools at our disposal, i will have DJ drops created for all admins who wish to play music in BI married, it is important we are consistent on this, so we ALL sound professional. example of a Dj Drop

  7. Competitive advantage - These are our competitive advantages are: we are not a clique, we don't gossip about other rooms, we do not fight in main room text or on mic, we welcome all members by their nicknames, we look and act professional, we do not use our admin tools for personal reasons, admins entertain they DO NOT police.. that is what sets us apart from the chaff...

  8. Web cam feature - Web cam features in both rooms, we will trial web cam feature of members WITH THEIR PERMISSION, or a logo.

  9. other rooms - Admins participating in rooms that are essentially there to take down our rooms.. A Room created based on one bonding factor their dislike for myself and our rooms, you are welcome to chat where ever you like, but please do not admin in our rooms and advertise you are elsewhere, as it is a lack of respect towards your colleagues who are working hard to maintain chat and entertainment.

  10. Team - most importantly YOU ARE PART OF A TEAM.

  11. NEW Room???? Center porn feature??? NON NUDE R rated , any ideas?


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  •  admin: 

    in response to Combobulated:

    I am bewildered by your concern for OUR rooms, is it not wonderful to have such a diverse array of rooms, I own but a handful of them. If as you say G A Y is being driven into the ground, how would one explain the current room list? I have just now taken a screen shot of these so called wonderful new rooms, I notice they have next to no one in them, yet G A Y and Bi Married Gay Curious Men Looking for Men are both flurishing, I suggest you focus on reality..

    Regarding me taking LAW it is hardley remedial it is Juris Doctor my second Law degree, I suggest you have been listening too much to online gossip queens, generally individuals who are neither educated nor capable of understanding the complexities of the legal profession. It is disappointing you are incapable for communicating in a way other than to troll members of Paltalk, targeting many of our admins . For the record G Klein has never asked me for money nor recieved any from me, Nor have we performed ANY c2c cam session as claimed by you. Your commentary is insulting to the chatters and admins on Paltalk and to myself.  We care less however,for your sentiments as they are spoken with a jealous mind.. rather than attempting to pull others down, try to rise up and gain an education yourself.

    >> screen shot demonstrating the ridiculous reply this individual has made, he chats in a room with 7 people. had we not removed the rot within our chat network,we would have lost a great deal of people, we are only destined to click on the screen shot demonstrating the shear stupidity and troll like behaviour of these individuals. regards gaylord :)

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  •  Combobulated: 

    Competitive advantage.

    What competative advantage? Thanks to how you treat people, other rooms have sprung up because so many people are dissatisfied with how you want your room to operate. You can't even be constant with how you want the room to be run. You change rules on a whim, regularly ignore your own rules, berate admins for both enforcing and not enforcing rules. 


    But thanks to your schizaphrenic behaviour, people now have very viable rooms to go to where they aren't treated like morons who want nothing better than to be screeched at by your prmier admin Dreamwildbaby. How kind of you to make G Klein an admin. He only whacked off on c2c with you a few hundred times to get a hat. Never mind the money you've sent him.


    Have you noticed in the past months how people who used to chat regularly in G A Y are no longer there? Do you even make an effort to find out why? 


    You keep driving people away and better rooms keep appearing. 



    "YOU ARE PART OF A TEAM". God bless you for this. An utter fabrocation on your part.



    A few conclusions.

    You are driving G A Y into ruins. You adamantly refuse to recognise this, nor do you do anything to change it. If you want a drug addicted chronic welfare abuser to be the main admin in your room, that's your choice. If you want a screaming queen shrieking abuse at chatters in your room while wearing a hat, that's your choice. People can choose to go elsewhere.


    I do hope though that your lawsuit against a prominent chatter is going well. How dare he copy and paste your vicious verbal abuse to a former room chatter on Facebook!



    On the other hand, being forced to take a remidial course in basic Australian law may do you good.

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  •  Combobulated: 

    Mikel, I do believe you're delusional. Have you been snorting carrot seeds again? Let's discuss your admin meeting.



    G A Y is notorious for its cliques. Read the room's user comments to confirm this. You and other admins regularly chat up the people you decide you like, regularly ignore the ones you don't, and often verbally abuse people. Women are not "creatures" nor "pets" - your antipathy towards women, transpeople, etc, is terrible. To grossly disrespect them and pretend the room is all-inclusive is terrible.


    Alcohol and admins.

    You do realize Derek is often stoned while he is in chat? That other admins are regularly either toking or drinking alcohol? That on occasion some admins are wasted and get their fun abusing their admin powers. Are you really so blind that you now say 'DO NOT admin' if you're drunk? It's been happening for years.


    Should I point out how Derek and a few other people were utterly wasted on drugs, and camming up with their drugs and paraphernalia on cam, while a redhat sat in the room watching it all happen and G A Y was promptly delisted as a featured room?


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