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Change of Format on Paltalk Rooms

Change of Chat Room Format from 07 April 2017

Paltalk Rooms: Bi Married Gay Curious Men Looking for Men and GAY BISEXUAL Guys and Girls

for a number of reasons, not withstanding the sponsor's banner not guaranteed in the 'new generation' Paltalk interface, I have decided to alter the usage of the room in terms of mics. 

The direction I wish to take these rooms is down a interactive highway, reaching new people off Paltalk, and increasing room participation into room from off Paltalk..

It is a small change affecting only 30% of room hours (24 (hrs) x 0.3 = 7.2 hrs) across both rooms.

What are these changes?

interactive radio suitable segments will be streamed live into various portals such as noozradio, queerradio, queeridol, facebook, twitter and ofcourse either Paltalk Room: Bi Married Gay Curious Men Looking for Men and GAY BISEXUAL Guys and Girls. The content will use approx. 30% of audio time. Multi Mic for debates and discussions, and hi fi audio for music program single presenter.

example of a show starting 07 April 2017 Calendar:

Live studio will be hosted in either Bi Married Gay Curious Men Looking for Men or In Gay and Bisexual chat room groups on Paltalk, Audio program will be radio cast on Queer Radio and  Nooz Radio, clicking events on will outline schedule.

Members either in Paltalk studio or via or Nooz Radio can request a 'Love Song Dedication' by asking in the Host Room 'Bi Married Gay Curious Men Looking for Men' or tweeting @GayChatters , or request directly below this page.

@Gaylord states "This will be a truly interactive multi platform delivery, with instant interaction, allowing loved ones and soon to be loved, the opportunity make the LOVE dedication to our special ones in life.


How can I get involved?

If you wish to utilise one of the rooms as a broadcast room,

  • ensure content is 'polished' and is radio suitable and standard is of high value
  • Not to exceed 90 minutes
  • make sure show is entertaining
  • make sure your show is interactive (rooms use @GayChatters as twitter handle)
  • be aware we are limiting interactive shows to 30% of time as the 70% will be normal 'hands up for 30 min set', therefore, show will be streamed for 1 month with option to renew.
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