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Cuddling ~ For Your Good Mental Health Benefits & some Calm Company for you

 . Loneliness & Depression affects the way one eats and sleeps . 
" Seriously Resulting in one's declining Mental Spirit and their Good Physical Health " . . 

Hello , are you a Woman or Man - Straight , Bi , Gay , TG , Age 20 to ? ? < Loneliness isn't age , status , stature , race or gender discriminating . 
IN or Very Near To The Tillsonburg Area and you would Enjoy some Planned possibly 2 or more ? Hours of Calm and Relaxed non sexual Company - for us to Chat and some Good Company for you . Or us pre-discussed and planned Cuddling Company to visit together with NSA . Just to talk about Whatever YOU desire to ( NO religion or politics , Thank you " ) Happy times , or a past troublesome experience and time ?? as this is about Your Desires and for Verbal Privately expressed Mental Therapy for you . 
A Caring Friend to Talk with and Listen Company . Us a relaxed Cuddle Session to Snuggle together and chat softly with our clothes on . . in sweats , shorts , loose fitting Comfortable clothing or in your PJ 's ? 
If you'd also desire during , I could very Gently provide some Massage all over your back , shoulders , neck , face etc. before you might wish to calmly drift off to sleep ?? I am a Massage Professional ...

WE COULD also Snuggle & Cuddle - to watch a movie , listen to music and talk , sit together on a deck or balcony and talk in nice weather while maybe sharing coffee , tea , Cold bottled water , wine or whatever . . Go for a relaxed scenic walk - But Not in the Rain < No Thank you . I don't have time for a Sought After Cold . This is offering To You a one on one personal in home ( at yours or Mine ) ' a Very Private Friendship ' for us to visit and talk . NOT FOR : a new bf , chauffeur , an activity partner OR Dating . . I'm single - live alone - and like it that way . . Just for a Trusting Personal Friendship to share Company with you ! 

I'm a Mature with Multi-interests and talents , smiling 50's MAN with a Full head of hair . A Thick and Strong build = a Warm BEAR HUGGING capable man and I can Always Host in my CLEAN and NO SMOKING Home in Tillsonburg - with shoes Always Off inside and No Pets Here . . OR I could come to you if needed ? if you're quite local and on a Paved road < As my vehicle is allergic to mud and Gravel roads . 
If you have Dogs in your home ? maybe it's Best to just visit me at mine For a Quiet and Very Calm Atmosphere as they always Seem To get excited with company and are Often just too distracting and Dog Attention Needy . . . < Many past Experiences and I'm only there to Visit YOU . . THIS IS ALL About Calm Company FOR YOU that speaks English and doesn't bark . . Just to Talk , Listen and gently Cuddle with you < IF YOU desire to . 

> Contact me on here to start , with Any Q?'s you might have 1st . The length of time you Might Be Considering to visit for us some Very Relaxed Company . Please include your Real 1st Name with your response . No last name required till a session time is agreed upon . You'll know My Full name when here For Sure , as it's visible Throughout my home with all my years of work and services . 
> Where are you located Re: maybe your postal code . . IN Tillsonburg ?? and again on a paved road IF you're requiring me to come to you ... 
> I will forward to you My Home Only phone # , so we can talk 1st . No Cell phone , texting or skype etc. here anymore .
> I Live a Clean and Very Private Lifestyle . Totally alone so You leaving a Private Message here for me Anytime . . " is NEVER a problem " 

*** Take Your Time and think about this for your own Calm ' COMPANY ' and Cuddling ? personal time . Once or ongoing ? Never a rushed time as to it being For a Calm Cuddle Visit and for us to just Relax Together ... Starting with a Smile , Hello , a handshake OR maybe a mutual warm soft Hug ? 
A Legit post , in TILLSONBURG , Ont. ~ April 2016 , and me being semi retired now - this is open to Planned Times Availability for You - with absolutely NSA . 

So simply say hello now . This is a Million % legit , and " Thank you for reading ... "

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