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Group Administrator Attributes

What does it take to be an @administrator in our #GeeAyewhY group of chat rooms on paltalk?


Firstly what are administrators or @Admins in the #GeeAyewhY group?

They are identified within our chat rooms as having '@' before their name;  example @GayLord indicates Gaylord is available to provide admin support to that room he appears in with @

  • #GeeAyewhY groups maintain a high standard  of @Admin members who are there to assist and entertain you! (at least we will try)
  • #GeeAyewhY groups  @Admin are vigilant for nudity on cam within the two non nude rooms GAY Karaoke and GAY Bisexual guys and Girls, additionally @Admin members remove any persons who are not of age 18>
  • #GeeAyewhY groups  @Admin primary role is to maintain a vibrant and entertaining landscape for members to chat in. Often what an @Admin finds annoying may be fun for the majority. It is a very learned skill to know the balance within a chat room between fun and order, whilst entertaining the masses . In Queer Radio room on paltalk in <Radio/TV/talk> section  (opens May 10 for Eurovision), #GeeAyewhY group admins are either broadcasting or recording a show so feel free to pop in and support them. 
  • #GeeAyewhY groups  @Admin are not chat police , if someone is having issues with other member/s, they should first consider the tools provided by Paltalk such as restricting your list, blocking contact ,  and if all else fails, the paltalk Help Room is the next step.
  • #GeeAyewhY groups  @Admin are NOT Paltalk @admins, paltalk admins are identified by RED nicknames


if you have a dispute with a  #GeeAyewhY groups  @Admin report it it here (Members)

To Apply to be admin in one of our chat groups message admin team (Members)

Non Members: 

Non Members may contact here


#Queerradio #geeayewhy #paltalk

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