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Queer Radio



Proud to announce the addition of a new extension to #geeayewhy with the opening of a radio station Queer Radio!

 how it will work:?

  • New 'studio' room on paltalk will open 'Queer Radio' this will be in Radio section >Talk Shows
  • @admins will be able to record music shows or whatever they wish to discuss, the room will need to be 'booked' , this will be achieved via #geeayewhy 'self book' or by messaging me here or via @GayLord on paltalk
  • if you have an audience you wish to bring, the room is yours for the purpose of your show, so bring whoever you want.
  • Once at #geeayewhy click on Queer Radio Tab at the top  (from 10 May)
  • Select Broadcast , what happens now your audio goes to both Radio server and Paltalk
  • At the radio server you decide if it is live or as for most shows> record show to cloud
  • You select which room as we will also include music from bi married, and discussion from Gay Bisexual Guys and Girls, or Queer Radio for a quiet more sterile zone to do your show.
  • You load your playlist , on or near May 10 we will conduct a full tutorial class, which we will alert everyone to, on how to use the cloud software built into this website, all welcome to attend, available VOD after that.
  • Show quality is important and assistance will be provided to those who are unsure..
  • Shows are selected from the cloud and loaded onto Queer Radio playlist which will stream directly from radio server to both Radio  and Paltalk Queer Radio Room (when not recording shows), also can be feed into Bi Married room , also Gay Bisexual Guys and Girls
  • If you are streaming your show live and your connection breaks, the cloud radio server will kick in and play music from the playlists until you get back.
  • Your playlist will allocate 10 minutes per hour to include cloud based pre-recordings:
    • Promos for upcoming Shows, 
    • Sponsor drops
    • Gay News and Events
  • If it is a music show expect to talk between music and/or grab from the cloud an interview you pre recorded. As a guide a music show has 50 minutes in the hour if they are playing back to back music for 20 minutes then talk and /or pre recorded cloud content for 5 minutes. then repeat for the remaining 25 minutes.
  • You can have your show run over 1 - 3 hours (50 - 150 minutes broadcast time)
  • 1 hour shows can be repeated 4 times in a 24 hour time period, 2 hour shows 2 times, 3 hour shows repeated once only in a 24 hour period.
  • It is intended to list the station strategically to optimise the potential listening base, predicted potential listeners (370 million), additionally i will be directly focusing on Russia and Asia  in the delivery plan, offering repressed LGBTQ people some source of interaction and outreach.

Available radio streaming formats:

  • iPhone
  • android
  • Web
  • Digital Radio Receiver
  • Numerous Russian sites taking our feed
  • and, Of course Paltalk Queer Radio room




#QueerRadio #GeeAyewhY  © 2016


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