HIV Prevention

In my Melbourne practice I look after many people living with HIV as being actively involved with HIV prevention. Part of HIV prevention is to encourage HIV testing with rapid HIV tests. Frequently I am dealing with very distressed patients who are worried they may have been exposed to HIV.

I have found that many people have not been offered good information on HIV transmission. I hope that this section of the website will be able to offer the latest news in ways that HIV infection can be prevented.

The early messages of “only one partner” or not having sex at all are long gone.

We know that safe sex works so it’s about finding confidence in the ways you choose to enjoy sex and your own levels of risk. For example we know that oral sex presents a very low risk of HIV transmission however how comfortable you are with that risk will determine how you practice.

Exciting new HIV prevention technologies include:

PrEP: Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, a daily tablet of Truvada that can decrease the risk of HIV infection by up to 99%

PEP: Post Exposure Prophylaxis, a treatment with HIV medications thought to help reduce the chance of HIV taking hold in the body after a significant exposure to HIV.

Please feel free to review the articles below for further information on how you can control your own levels of risk in HIV prevention. You can book to talk with Dr Forgan-Smith about HIV prevention and care.

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