Garden of the Gods 


Saturday Jun 4 4:00pm-7:00pm in Los Angeles


As long as man has lived on the Earth Gods and Goddesses he prayed to Egyptian to Greek, the brave & the meek 

And to man the Gods gave their aid to.


Within the Greystone Mansion of the Gods We invite you to meet the almighty In this social arena, you may meet Athena 

Horus, Hades or Aphrodite


Apollo the God of music sends Sounds by DJ Caroline DiAmore Dance like a diva, with the goddess Shiva 

A siren, sphinx or centaur


Nectar of the Gods will be flowing With delicious, heavenly treats. With our special brew, a nibble or two 

You’ll be accomplishing Herculean feats


Games and prizes will be aplenty Teaching safe sex and drug abuse. There’s Hephaestus, explaining Hepatitis Avoid herpes with Hera and Zeus


Transform yourself into the divine And enter our costume contest. Dressed like a wonder, loot you will plunder 

If you're the most heavenly guest


Purchase your tickets before the price rises Ascend to the heavens against all odds Odin and Thor, Ares God of War 

Welcome you to the GARDEN OF THE GODS




Greystone Mansion

905 Loma Vista Dr

Beverly Hills, CA 

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Greystone Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, Beverly Hills, United States
Date start04.06.2016 16:00
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