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Man leaps into searing hot flames after dodging firefighters to dive into blazing effigy at Burning Man festival
ELLEN DeGeneres can measure her career and personal success by several impressive yardsticks, including a popular daytime talk show and eight-year marriage to Portia de Rossi.
Canadian pole vault world champion Shawn Barber has publicly come out as gay. Barber made the announcement in a Facebook post early Monday morning.
The defector has told CNN, "North Korea society treats these people as abnormal".
Last year Shirleene Robinson, Macquarie University Australia, interviewed a man who had joined the Royal Australian Navy aged 19 in 1967, as Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War escalated.
A hacker who took over the social media accounts of various pro-ISIS groups has described how he has received threats of beheading.
Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen, who has pledged to abolish same-sex marriage, has won a place in the next round of the French presidential election. gainst Emmanuel Macron in a run-off.
The British businessman says a lack of LGBT role models is driving LGBT talent away from the sector.
Comedian and actor Lavell Crawford, best known for his role as bodyguard and assistant Huell Babineaux on “Breaking Bad,” has some, shall we say, interesting theories on homosexuality.
A 23-year-old, Russian-born violinist named Artem Kolesov is capturing international attention after posting a YouTube video in which he comes out as gay.
South Korean military officials are allegedly conducting an army-wide search for gay men among the country’s troops, after a sex tape between two soldiers was uploaded online, according to an investigation by a non-profit group.
THEY are rounded up in the dead of night by gangs of burly and bearded mercenaries, taken from their beds or nabbed in raids on secretive underground gay social clubs.
Sue Perkins and David Walliams are among those who have criticised Lib Dem leader Tim Farron for being evasive when asked whether being gay is a sin.
There’s been a tendency to lump gay and bisexual men into a single group.
Colombia has become the fourth South American country to allow same-sex marriage after a ruling by the country's constitutional court.
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