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Radio Interview - Elation and relief felt by members of Sydney's LGBTIQ community as they celebrated the 'Yes' result.
ELLEN DeGeneres can measure her career and personal success by several impressive yardsticks, including a popular daytime talk show and eight-year marriage to Portia de Rossi.
Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen, who has pledged to abolish same-sex marriage, has won a place in the next round of the French presidential election. gainst Emmanuel Macron in a run-off.
Colombia has become the fourth South American country to allow same-sex marriage after a ruling by the country's constitutional court.
Colombia's highest court is paving the way for same-sex couples to marry in the conservative Roman Catholic nation.
When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, gay-rights supporters celebrated, but a new wave of legislation in states like North Carolina now threatens LGBT rights.
Indonesia's gay community has come under attack, with the country's Defence Minister labelling the community a "threat" and likening fighting it to "a kind of modern warfare".
Tennessee lawmakers have proposed bills on "natural marriage," religious exemptions for counselors and state-defined gender restrictions that all attack the human dignity of people who do not conform to traditional norms of society.
Downtown Indianapolis was once so desolate that men armed with shotguns hunted pigeons on Sundays among empty buildings and a trash-strewn river canal.
Gay Rights Icon’s Shocking 'Change of Heart' Regarding Embattled Christian Bakers Refusal to Make ‘Support Gay Marriage’ Cake. '“Two days before the case goes to appeal, I have changed my mind,”
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that he disagrees with the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage and hopes that it could be changed in the future.
Tony Abbott defends 'common sense' in attack on gay marriage during speech to US Alliance Defending Freedom
Sun, who works for a tech company, and Hu, a security guard, wants to get married. There have been calls for marriage equality in China, but theirs is the first suit accepted by a court — a point of pride for the couple and a milestone for the gay rights movement.
Australian of the Year David Morrison wants the nation to legalise same-sex marriage.