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The fears of rights advocates that the constitutional court would outlaw gay sex and sex outside marriage and set back human rights in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, did not eventuate.
Bruce Springsteen has cancelled a concert in North Carolina, joining business groups in condemning a state law that rolls back protection for gay and transgender people.
Tennessee lawmakers have proposed bills on "natural marriage," religious exemptions for counselors and state-defined gender restrictions that all attack the human dignity of people who do not conform to traditional norms of society.
Justice Antonin Scalia has died. The death is already causing a bit of a political crisisas Democrats and Republicans argue over how the justice's successor will be named to the court, particularly in an election year.
Indian supreme court to rule on colonial-era penal code that bans gay sex, after 2013 judgment reversed years of gradual liberalisation
A lawyer in Novosibirsk Russia claims that the widespread media coverage of the pair is 'covert gay propaganda' and poses a threat to Russian children.