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USA A federal appeals court has rejected a bid by US President Donald Trump's administration to prevent the military from accepting transgender recruits starting January 1, the second court to issue such a ruling this week.
Judge Mitchell Nance breached ethics rules by ruling that same-sex couples could not adopt.
Man leaps into searing hot flames after dodging firefighters to dive into blazing effigy at Burning Man festival
Radar Online is the latest gossip website to bring up old police reports and photos suggesting that Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio — currently married to a woman, and a father of four — has a gay past.
Justice Antonin Scalia has died. The death is already causing a bit of a political crisisas Democrats and Republicans argue over how the justice's successor will be named to the court, particularly in an election year.
Oklahoma Republican Sally Kern wants to forbid suicidal LGBT youth from meeting gay-friendly therapists, and wants to sanction gay conversion therapy.