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Jackpot - Gay Short Film (2012) Comedy
It's 1994 and there's no internet, so when closeted 14-year-old Jack Hoffman hears about a stash of porn hidden across town, he decides to brave the bully infested streets of his small New Jersey town, in hopes of getting what he wants. What happens over the course of the day will change everything.

Jackpot has screened at mainstream and LGBT film festivals around the world including Reykjavik, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Toronto, Montreal, Halfix, Memphis, Tampa, New York and Oslo.

Winner: Best Short Film - Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Genre: Short, Comedy, LGBT

A teen boy finds a bundle of gay porn magazines in a dumpster. He is driven to get them, and pursued by a group of bullies as he tries to escape with his treasure. He gets help from the most unlikely of places - iconic gay porn stereotypes who come to life from the magazines to help him find his courage.
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