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Movies of LGBT Interest #1
Trailers for 2 movies which are gay themed or which have gay/bi characters. #1 How to Win at Checkers; Tatuagem (Tattoo) - a brief synopsis of each movie is in the description.

How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) (Thai, English subs, 2015)

The film centres on the Thai system of holding a public lottery for military service for all males reaching the age of 21. On the morning of his draft lottery, 21-year-old Oat reflects back 10 years to his childhood when his older brother Ek, whom he idolised, himself faced the possibility of being drafted.

After the loss of their parents, he and his brother had moved in with their aunt. Ek had got a job in the Café Lovely bar, for male escorts and ladyboys. Ek and Jai, his long time boyfriend from a wealthy family, used to hang out with Kitty, a beautiful ladyboy who had been on hormone pills for two years and was about to have a transsexual operation. As they turned 21, all three had received their notifications to attend a draft lottery. When the moment of truth arrived, who would draw a black slip and get to stay home, and who would draw a red slip and be sent off to the armed forces?

Oat had bought a book called How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) in order to build his self-confidence. Trying to rescue his older brother from being drafted into military service, Oat had taken matters into his own hands and upset the district's all-powerful godfather. This resulted in unexpected consequences which still haunt him to the present day.

Tatuagem / Tattoo (Brazilian/Portuguese, English subs, re-issued 2015)

A drama film located in Recife, set against the conflict between the repressive military dictatorship and the gay avant-garde in late 1970s Brazil. It follows the romance between 18 year old soldier recruit Arlindo, and Clécio Wanderley, leader of the anarchist cabaret troupe Chão de Estrelas, which performs concerts full of debauchery and nudity.

Arlindo lives with a frighteningly conservative family and has a girlfriend, Jandira. But he is bisexual and has had liaisons with men too. His fellow recruits at the barracks believe there is something going on between Arlindo and the Sergeant. They have nicknamed him with the feminine name Fininha (Thin) and subject him to frequent homophobic taunts and attacks.

Jandira’s brother is the couldn’t-care-less and totally immature transvestite Paulete, one of the stars of the cabaret troupe. One day, Arlindo visits the theatre to give Paulete a letter from Jandira. He is enchanted by the atmosphere created by the Chão de Estrelas, and becomes smitten with Clécio. It’s not long before they begin a torrid relationship. This creates all sorts of problems for Arlindo, trying to maintain friendships with the troupe while dealing with his situation in the army.
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