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Movies of LGBT Interest #2
Trailers for 2 movies which are gay themed or which have gay/bi characters. #2 Drown; Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas - a brief synopsis of each movie is in the description.

Drown (Australian, 2014)

A compelling story of three surf lifesavers in the cloistered world of competitive surf. Len is a popular lifesaving champion, five times winner of the annual surf competition. But when Phil transfers in from another team and saves a young boy on his first day, Len’s top dog status begins to crumble. When Len sees Phil sharing a farewell kiss with another man, he realises the newcomer is gay. This angers Len but at the same time he is overwhelmed by unexpected feelings, jealousies, fantasies and homoerotic desires. He tries to repress his feelings by embarking on a campaign of intimidation against Phil.

When Phil beats Len at the next surf competition, Len and his buddy Meat and the patrol take Phil on a booze-fuelled celebratory night out on the town. When the others are ready to go home, Len tells them the night is still young and suggests they check out a gay bar over the road. But his homophobic fears, unrequited lust, guilt and state of intoxication cause Len finally flip and he launches into a brutal and near-fatal attack on Phil on the beach.

Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas (American, 2013)

An entertaining road movie with a difference, about family and community and embracing differences, which teaches us that it is not about the destination, but the getting there that counts.
Headstrong Earlene arrives at Venice Beach while running away from her estranged lover. There she bumps into Bruno, a mysterious, bohemian Australian skater boy also trying to start anew. The pair strike up an immediate friendship and decide to set out on a road trip to escape their past histories. But their respective skeletons won’t stay hidden and along the way some secrets are revealed.

At a motel they meet Billy, a carjacker with a confused sexuality, and he joins them as they continue their journey. When the vehicle breaks down, they take to walking and come across a small settlement deep within the Nevada desert. Here they meet and befriend gay Kyle and his straight buddy Brodie who are a pair of Scottish ex-Vegas strippers, a Cher wannabe and a transvestite tap dancer, and a host of other runaways and rebels. Will they settle here, or do they have a greater destiny to follow?

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