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SÍGUEME: A short film by Alejandro Durán (English Subtitles)
a short film by Alejandro Durán.
13 mins | Spain.

starring: Jacinto Bobo / Rubén, Daniel Enríquez / Paco and May Melero as Julia.

cameo appearances by Alejandro Durán as the Waiter and Beltrán Fernández as young Paco.

Adapted Synopsis: "Whilst his partner Julia practices yoga on her roof top, out of sight of the beach, Rubén opts to leave his car behind, preferring instead to take his bike to enjoy the sea air, book in hand. What the two don't know however, are the events that are about to be unchained by an encounter with a man named Paco."

Dave says:-

Coincidental or not, I'll let you decide, but like Johan Vancauwenbergh's recently reviewed short Blessure - Fair Play, this work once again charts the familiar ground of a woman unaware of her lover's gay / bisexual nature, one that is played as before and in the main, by a cast of three. Such however is where the similarities end.

For here Spanish actor, writer and director Alejandro Durán confronts the reality of the situation; from bare-arsed styled man-sex behind the rocks on the beach, to the repercussions afterward when the truth will out.
Cross-cutting his story past and present tense fashion, this delightful short beautifully exemplifies and yes there's method in my madness, how the same cinematic setup can be played from an entirely different angle. Yet to say more would give the game away. Suffice to add that the finale involves a succession of neat narrative surprises, in a work that went on to win the best Spanish short film award at LesGaiCineMad, 2011. And no wonder, given the attention to the camera work to keep the twists a-coming. Backed by a fine score and quite tender in parts too, as ever, see what you think, with special thanks to Alejandro Durán for showcasing his award-winning short film online.

Gay Visibility - overt.
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek.

Winner: Best Spanish short in Lesgaicinemad 2011. (For English subtitles go to this link: Rubén rides the familiar path down to the...
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