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Justin Elias sinks to a new low!
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Justin Elias sinks to a new low!

Most disgusting disrespect in regards to my beautiful mother,by the narcissistic asswipe JustinElias80... after I told him I was too pre occupied with my mothers illness to deal with his need/want to be a room administrator, he decided this was appropriate to say in his status "JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:32:37 PM- If my Mom was in ICU I would be by her side and not in a chatroom."

Update: My mother passed away at 11:30pm (23:30) AEDT 19/03/2018.

 Full exchange with this disgusting creature.

JustinElias80: Gaylord, is there a rule that you can't play anything but punk rock and only current music of today in the adult room?

JustinElias80: I am trying to assure someone that they are welcome to play motown, disco and anything they wish.   One admin said in main txt that the room was dead and it might not be his cup of tea but does he speak for the entire room now?   I'm not even an admin there but I'm being a peace maker at the moment.  

JustinElias80: The room is not dead and plenty of people listening

JustinElias80: Not a soul one said anything to complain

JustinElias80: I know I mean very little but I thought I would ask.

JustinElias80: Get back to me if you want.   I saw others hat up and bounce on over like oh, justin is here the only person with a hat so he can be the slave while we go and enjoy the music.   I have a set up to play music but it's kind of impossible since I'm treated like a piss on.

GayLord: well he said he noticed it was very dead, also the music being played was not suited to the demographic in the room.. it is his right to have opinion and call it how he saw it

JustinElias80: No one was bitching

JustinElias80: Were you watching the cameras?

JustinElias80: People were moving to the music

GayLord: i just got here and ask him what happened

GayLord: ppl moving doesnt always equate to ppl staying

JustinElias80: And opinion and watching cameras and feeling out the room

GayLord: sometimes ppl play tunes that are rather 'dated' this fails to embrace all demograghics

JustinElias80: I did not see the room empty

JustinElias80: You're not a musician so you don't get it

JustinElias80: it's about feeling out a room, watching and observing

JustinElias80: if people leave by the masses you change it up quickly

JustinElias80: has nothing to do with dated

GayLord: i have seen numbers fall after some ppl play

GayLord: it is growth not appeassing a certain age demographic the room seeks

JustinElias80: I guess whoever shows the most skin on cam then?

GayLord: grey always alluded to a few others such as lbj who also felt similar

JustinElias80: I am aware of demographics

GayLord: did i mention skin?

GayLord: NO

GayLord: i am refering to growth

GayLord: well then if u r aware of demographics why would you assume a 18-30 yo wouyld like older style music?

JustinElias80: Ok, next time I will refer them to you since you are the owner

GayLord: that would be best

JustinElias80: Yes it would

JustinElias80: I told them people of all ages come in

GayLord: i have asked music players to ne more mindful of contempary music rather than 50's style

GayLord: its all good we are addressing this issue 

JustinElias80: I wasn't playing 50's was I?

JustinElias80: Nope

GayLord: i was speaking generally

GayLord: the comment you refereed to was said during someone else playing music

JustinElias80: This person played 70's through 90's

GayLord: that was who he made ythe comment in regards to the lack of entertainment stimulii

JustinElias80: ah 1  person and 2 admins,  sorry super admins

GayLord: sorry who were super admins ?

JustinElias80: Everything makes perfect sense not, and not just on this level.

GayLord: i havnt heard from any about it

GayLord: which do u refer

JustinElias80: LBJ is a super and I have nothing against him

GayLord: and the other?

JustinElias80: Grey gives the impression he is a super

GayLord: he mearly spoke up as numbers and cams were falling

GayLord: well the assumption is inaccurate

GayLord: and numbers had fallen

JustinElias80: All I told the person in question is this, if he feels his music is not entertaining, to play come current stuff and mix it up as a band or real DJ does

GayLord: he also did request ina  whisper to the dj, to play more upbeat music

JustinElias80: I told him he was always welcome 

GayLord: he does play current stuff

GayLord: and that does not negate his right and duty to call out music that fails to entertain

JustinElias80: The person asked me what can they do 

GayLord: anyway hope u r understand where he was coming from

GayLord: which person

JustinElias80: I told them I was not an admin 

JustinElias80: I told him I am just a person

GayLord: which person asked u?

GayLord: who?\

JustinElias80: And yes, I asked him to change and mix it up

GayLord: he was admin and was doing what was required

GayLord: i do not understand who u r talking about

JustinElias80: There were many hats in there

GayLord: which person asked u

JustinElias80: The person who was told the room was dead while he had the mic so he dropped it in mid song

JustinElias80: lil was there and DZ and many others

GayLord: the person being ?

GayLord: u didnt contact him

JustinElias80: the others who see that when I'm  hatted in the non music room put their names in there and scurry off

GayLord: i have no idea what u r saying, my mother is in intensive care i do not give a damn about pal just now bye

GayLord: i am too damn otherwise occupied to care 

JustinElias80: I'm s orry about your mom

GayLord: its trivial and unimportant what some did or said ina  chat room

GayLord: bye

JustinElias80: Yea and so am I ... I quit

      JustinElias80 is now offline.

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      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:10:35 PM

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:11:28 PM- Deal with GL and Omsale yourslef, I have myself to worry about. 

      JustinElias80 is now offline.

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      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:15:15 PM- If I'm an afterthought or your friend in secret then you are NOT my friend at all.

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:16:58 PM

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:17:16 PM- Goodtimes Music Respect Studio

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:29:38 PM

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:30:46 PM- Of my Mom was in ICU I would be by her side and no in PalTalk.

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:31:02 PM- Of my Mom was in ICU I would be by her side and no in a chatroom.

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:31:36 PM- If my Mom was in ICU I would be by her side and no in a chatroom.

      JustinElias80 is in Do Not Disturb Mode at 2:32:37 PM- If my Mom was in ICU I would be by her side and not in a chatroom.

      JustinElias80 is now offline.

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admin 19.03.2018 7 2276
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    Gaylord, i have known that creep Justin for many years, he is a FAKE and a creep. My condolences for your loss!

    Do NOT let this creep elias upset you, it is you who make this section on paltalk.. Justin claims to be this and that, but in fact he lives at home with his mom and barely has two dimes to rub together. He is not a famous singer he is barely a karaoke singer at a dunks bucks party.

    Stay true to yourself Gaylord we are with You! 

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  •  Анонимный: 

    You are something else Mr. Think He's Christ himself.  Are you all fucking blind?  Nothing matches responses verbatim.  Piss on your room Gaylord.   I saw his side of the convo in full and this is slander on your part.  So you have sunk to the bottom of my most visited list.  I'm with the Anon up who is siding with me.  You had a loss send your whispers all night while your Mom was in ICU? Are you serious?    I do not know your relationship with her, but if you were too busy spending time pissing out hate whispers and doing it all night long. I'm going to make sure this is reported to the proper authorities because you did not ask me for my picture. And by the way, I never gave a shit about admin status. You used me like a puppet  You toss admin hats to new comers who show their dick and who are barely of age like it is a PREP party.  Don't give me your voting bullshit. Let's see if your buck angel sissy ass can leave this up. I am going to make sure all of the peeps who know me see this and the best part of you will be a shit stain on Tina's underwear. Including Little Brown Noser and your woman with a mangina aka JAY knows all.  You sick evil fuck! 


     8 дней назад1 ответов1 ответовОтветить 
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  •  Анонимный: 

    You nor the other minions know me.  You did not see where I sent OMSALE or his various names a sincere concern.  I got to see all the admin whispers that were by that thing and they were vindictive, evil, and he took advantage of me.   Before you act, think. IT as I will refer to it "GL and OS" is the camels ball sweat of a person after leaving messages then blocking him without allowing me to reply.  Now, heed a warning.  Look up the United States laws on taking information and using it without prior consent and or using their picture.  You will see that I will make sure I get this bullshit post removed.   Gaylord, you screwed up.  Plain and simple.    With that, RIP to your Mother and your loss.   You have made fun of me along with your demon spawns and taken advantage of him for far too long.  He is above all of this and has a support team behind him.   You and your demon spawns will be very sorry.  Keep on hating. It shows the world how pathetic your ratings, illegal drug use and other things that go on which are not legal by PalTalk TOS laws and NYC Laws of the Unites States.   Your numbers will dive just like you did posting this.



    Justin you were never blocked, the only reply you gave omsale or any of my nicks was your usual narcissistic comments, I will paste them as well, the content provided was the text from the pm exchange you had with GayLord, your assertions it was not are false. Your behavior was and still is disgraceful! You lack of knowledge of usage of your photo, it was on the public record (internet) on a public profile, it was sourced from a  site that had no copyright restrictions. Get over yourself!

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  •  Анонимный: 

    i sorry that you had this encounter, Gaylord.. my condolences to you family  as I am sorry for your loss.... IseeSTARZ

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  •  Анонимный: 

    I will simply put it like this. Justin, this is very childish and your pettiness on this matter is absolutely irrelevant to Gaylord's mother. You are very stupid for making suppositions without any clear understanding of the matter. You have no reason to make any decision is that of the interest of the admins regardless of the superiority of their role. The instruction was clear, in order to maintain popularly of taste and to encourage and stimulate member activity in the room members where ask to play something more upbeat. 

    In regards to your statuses, they are distasteful and absolutely disrespectful and nobody should have to deal with the likes of that. 

    Gaylord, my wishes go out to you and your family. 

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