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Room Guidelines GAY BISEXUAL

Listed are room guidelines to assist administrators provide a happy and enjoyable chat experience


  1. You are 18 or older
  2. You understand Text and Audio may include adult content.
  3. Nudity is NOT Permitted
  4. All activities must comply with Laws as set down at your location and within the State of New York and USA Federal Laws.
  5. Have Fun and do not impinge on others right to enjoyment!
  6. This is not an insult room, and as such we ask you respect the rights of fellow chatters.
  7. Cams are an important feature of our groups, therefore, disparaging comments about the cammers are not welcome. 
  8. Respect that everyone is different, all cams and opinions are welcome.
  9. If you are experiencing any issue or aware of a breach of any of the above (1-8) please notify a room admin (administrator)
  10. Admins (administrators) are recognizable by an '@' symbol or by the words 'admin' next to their name
Forums  ›  Groups  ›  G A Y